We are a firm that specializes in the services related to Project Management, Building Construction, Renovation as well as Built-in furniture.

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Al Mamlaka UK Limited

Al Mamlaka UK Limited is trading in the construction industry, specializing in construction of both commercial and residential buildings, as well as the refurbishment and extension of existing residential buildings. The director has vast knowledge and experience in this trade.

Al Mamlaka UK Limited works in the construction industry, building light commercial and residential properties. For Al Mamlaka UK Limited ‘no job is too small’. The company undertakes wide range of projects, from the construction of commercial and residential buildings, refurbishment, loft conversion to new build house or block of flats.

Why Us

Choose Al Mamlaka UK Limited for your construction needs because of our expertise in commercial and residential building, refurbishment, and extensions. With a director experienced in the trade, we excel in delivering projects of all sizes, from small tasks to loft conversions and new build houses. Expect top-notch results and personalized service tailored to your requirements.

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