CEO Message

It gives me great pleasure to introduce ALBALATIN CONTRACTING COMPANY LIMITED, a company established to undertake targeted services in the construction and industrial sector. With the help of Almighty God, it was an entirely fruitful period evidently governed by a clear philosophy of work and a close link with the community of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company follows an aggressive, fair market services approach to ensure value for its clients. Growing companies keep their past in mind and aspire to achieve unprecedented milestones in their future. Our staff and members are the backbone and pride of our establishment. Working together in a very productive environment. Our belief in putting trust in our staff and faith in our valuable customers have proven to be the hallmark of our success stories. On behalf of ALBALATIN CONTRACTING COMPANY (ACC) I would like to extend our gratitude for continually showing their confidence in our expertise. We ensure the achievement of optimum use of resources for the timely completion of projects with Safety and Quality.

ALBALATIN CONTRACTING COMPANY (ACC) is a leading industrial, rental equipment, and construction contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with more than 15 years of excellence in successfully executing numerous projects within the timeframe. The contracting sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing rapid growth and increasing demand for specialized companies qualified to execute a number of large projects. We focus on recognizing, sourcing, and providing
equipment, manpower, and services to organizations in the field of construction. (ACC) is a Civil, Construction Contracting Company and is one of the leading fast-growing companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ACC was established in 2010, as industrial support, equipment rental, temporary facilities & infrastructural contracting business. Honest, principled dedication to our clients and our work is what both defines us and separates us from our competitors. We are distinguished as Albalatin Contracting Company, is our commitment towards quality and attention at all levels enabled us to achieve consistently advanced results. Our commitment to our clients and the success of our projects are demonstrated by the extent of repeat clients and direct referrals, which comprise the majority of our work. Over a brief period, ACC has successfully diversified into other construction sectors & related support businesses is now considered to be one of the fastest-growing and trustable contracting company. At ACC, we take pride in offering our clients a strong, customer-focused approach, applying best practices to offer high-class quality that the Kingdom expects from its quality contracting firms. ACC has attained and sustained leadership in all the major lines of its business. It has its presence all over the Kingdom. In response to changing market dynamics, ACC has gone through a phased process of redefining its organization model to facilitate growth through greater levels of empowerment. The new structure is built around multiple businesses that serve the needs of the Construction Business and enable ACC to be self-sufficient in delivering its services to esteemed and valued clients.